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We would be delighted to see you at the club, but please contact us by email first at This is also the first point of contact for Beginners Course applications. We look forward to hearing from you.

Crawley Archery Club Committee –

The management of the club shall be by the club committee, formed of the club officers as follows:-

Secretary –

Secretary is the main contact point between us, other clubs in the region, and the three governing bodies to whom we are associated; SCAA (Sussex County Archery association), SCAS (Southern Counties Archery Society) and Archery GB / GNAS (Grand National Archery Society). Also our contact point for the Field course, and our indoor venue.

Treasurer –

Looks after all of our finances, not only ensuring our fees are promptly gathered, but that our financial records are up to date and our bank account always in the black.

Chair –

He or she may have the vision, but it’s the teamwork of the rest of the committee that bring it about.

Records Officer –

Maintains records of all rounds shot by individuals in the club, enabling them to calculate your handicap each year as well as recording the holders of all our trophies.

Child Protection Officer –

C.P.O is much more an educator of the principles and issues at work behind dealing with the young and vulnerable, than that of a policeman, but they are also the first point of contact for any concerns.

Club Captain –

Club Captain’s role is to organise the two-three matches we are obligated to take part in each year against other clubs of our region. Our success or failure dictates our position in the four divisions currently running.

Field Rep. & Field Shoot Organisers –

Our annual Field Shoot, held in September is highly successful shoot that brings in much needed revenue, so please give a hand whenever we call for assistance.

Communications Officer

Supports and updates our online media presence.

Equipment Officer

Manages the equipment and storage facilities at our grounds. We will annually ask for assistance, normally around March or April, to help clean out the lockups and count our remaining consumables, ie, target faces, pins, pegs, etc.


We have a small library of archery books available for any member to loan.


The most senior archer in the club, Terry Schollar is active in coaching within and outside of the club and remains an active archer within the club too.