Crawley @ Tonbridge – Match Report

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Match report: The one with the flag and the wind!    Details: Tonbridge archers shoot, 28/4/19
Quick Results: Keith 2nd (715), James 3rd (713), Val 2nd (463), Geri 2nd (169), Paul 1st (716), Steven 1st (919), Siobhan 1st (576).

Reserved would be the best word to describe the feelings of this troop of archers. The main source of reservation was looking ahead to the weather forecast for the shoot – RAIN (I think it’s safe to describe most of CAC’s archers as fair weather archers). Come the morning the rain stayed at bay! Cautiously everyone made their way there, successfully, and all arrived in time. Giving Keith plenty of time to remember to put on the bits of his bow he normally forgets. Geri and Siobhan had traveled together and had arrived first, managing to set up the gazebo and get the scope on everything. They’d noted something that was to play havoc with everyone for the rest of the day. The targets didn’t feel lined up with the markers on the shooting line – as in when you stood of the mark and looked up field, you would feel as if you should be aiming on the boss to the right. This would be the later undoing of one archer and little did everyone know that this would be the start of their problems.

Assembly and the shoot started on time, and as the team shot their first end, the truth of their situation dawned on them:

The shooting line and the first half of the field was sheltered by a building to the left of the field. As archers shot their arrows, they would sail straight and true until they passed the end of the building at which point the wind caught them and they’d swing to the right (contradictory to the flags on the top of the bosses that indicated a light left to right wind)!

Geri and the other longbowers had to almost aim on the target to the left to get their arrows near the boss and Keith and James were the only archers on their boss to hit it at all! This set the tone for the rest of the distance. Geri wanted to show off her skill and shot the flag off the top off her target. Keith and James never shot the left hand side of the target as the wind kept them on the right, and because of the weird alignment James shot a 7 on the boss to the right, which would hurt later on. Steven’s compound went straight through the straw boss and impaled itself in one of the legs which took 3 people to pull out. He also then went on to missing and breaking one of his new arrows! Overall the distance was not kind to anyone – apart from Val who actually achieved one of her best score at that distance! At this point it was time for the lovely ploughman’s lunch that had been provided.

The rest of the shoot carried on in the same theme – unpredictable and crazy with the wind and weather changing with every distance! Geri and Siobhan’s target descended into fits of laughter, with multiple bouncers and the wind playing with the feathered wooden arrows, ultimately descending into a guessing game! Keen to demonstrate her new found appreciation for clout, Geri shot the flag of the top of each boss, at EVERY distance (even ones on other targets). If we’re not allowed back next year it’s probably Geri’s fault!

For the rest of the round Keith and James were neck and neck all the way through either having an equal score or only being separated by only 4 points. In the end Keith won by 2 points, if only James hadn’t shot that 7 on the wrong boss. But at this point they were confident that one or both of them had earned medals. Steven managed not to break anymore arrows and having switched released aids was having a bit more success. Val and Paul carried on as they were doing the best they could with everything going on, but the rampant target flags & peals of laughter from the next boss were a fine test of concentration.

At the end of the shoot it transpired that for once, the team hadn’t gone for any raffle tickets hoping that they would be rewarded with some ‘bling’. When the results came it turned out that EVERYONE had won medals!! There was a handicap team award where Crawley came third, sadly there was only a trophy for 1st place. In honor of the amazing skill that was displayed, Geri was presented with one of the flags that she had “acquired”. After this a very happy team posed for a photo, made their farewells and set off home. Trying all the way to figure out what the hell had happened that day!

Final Scores

[GRc – Ablion]

2nd    Keith        715/31/107

3rd    James        713/34/107

[GRc – Windsor]    1st    Paul        716/32/108

[GCp – Windsor]    1st    Steven        919/87/107

[LRc – Windsor]    2nd    Val        463/11/87

[LLb – Windsor]    2nd    Geri        169/3/38

[LBb – Windsor] 1st    Siobhan    576/20/98


[Handicap Team] 3rd    James, Keith, Steven 4544