Membership Renewal 2019

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To all Crawley Archers & Associates:

It’s time of year to renew your annual fees!

The Archery year runs from 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2020. At the AGM I reported that the renewal fees would remain the same this year as I have not been told of any big changes in fees or costs from Archery GB, however, a month ago I received an alarming email from the company managing the Hazelwick site that there would be a significant increase in our fees for hiring the grounds at the school.

After some intensive work and very positive thinking on ALL sides this has been greatly reduced to a manageable level, but it does mean we have to make some adjustments to the fees.

The new fees are as follows:

Category Fees
Senior (over 24 yrs) £95
Youth (Between 18-24 yrs) £63
Junior (Under 18yrs) £32
Disabled £63
Associate £63

Payment via Cheque should be sent to the below address payable to ‘CRAWLEY ARCHERY CLUB’

Treasurer – CAC

Alternatively, payments can be made by bank transfer – please contact the treasurer for the bank details
Payments need to be received by 10th September 2018.

This has also facilitated a change to our shooting times for next outdoor season. After Easter 2020  until September 2020 our week day sessions will not start until 5.30pm this is so that we are not the sole occupant and therefore costing more on site.

We may also need to consider a change to our midweek shooting day to Thursday* so that we are not the sole occupant on site and so bearing the whole staffing costs for that session. *This will be finalised with SchoolsPlus when they are fully aware of the bookings spread for 2020.

I know this is not ideal but many Archery clubs are struggling to remain on their sites – Holbrook, Shipley and others locally have all had to relocate or merge this year. We are always looking for alternative venues that we can afford – remembering that it is not only the ground hiring fee but the moving and secure storage of our equipment that we also have to consider.

S that’s the update on fees so I hope that you will be renewing with us (please remember that we have amongst the lowest fees in the area for the amount of shooting access that we have).

Looking forward to seeing you all for a new and exciting 2019/20 season!