Membership Renewal 2020

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To all Crawley Archers & Associates:

It’s that time of year again, and what an “interesting” year it has been for the sport!

As you all know the Club was forced to suspend most of summer calendaer due to the nationwide lockdown earlier this year, and has been struggling to resume shooting owing to fact that both of our venues are school owned properties.

Since the beginning of September, we have been granted access to Hazlewick field, so as we head into the Winter season our Saturday Morning Frostbite will be our best opportunity to continue shooting. 

Unfortunatly, the Indoor season at Copthorne is not likely to open up in the near future, as Copthorne school are not opening yet for any external access to the school (indeed they are still struggling with the logistics of their own afterschool planned activities)

The Committee has been puting some thought into the situation – we cannot financially commit to our usual bookings in these troubled times as we may not know when we will have access to our facilities again. We also feel it unfair to ask you to commit to renew when we cannot offer guaranteed long-term shooting opportunities.

After some intensive work, we have made an adjusment to to our fees, which we hope will allow you to continue with the club.

The new “Covid friendly” fees for the 2020/2021 season are as follows:

Category Fees  
Senior (over 24 yrs) £50  
Youth (Between 18-24 yrs) £20  
Junior (Under 18yrs) £20  
Disabled £20  
Associate £30  

For New Club Memebers (Joining us on or after 1st October 2020)

Category Fees
Senior (over 24 yrs) £75
Youth (Between 18-24 yrs) £45

Payment via Cheque should be sent to the below address payable to ‘CRAWLEY ARCHERY CLUB’

Treasurer – CAC

Alternatively, payments can be made by bank transfer – please contact the treasurer for the bank details

As always the the Archery year runs from 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2020,

Payments need to be received by 25th September 2020.

This allows us to ensure that your cover with Archery GB is carried over and you can shoot as soon as we are able to re-open our facilities.

I know this is not ideal but many Archery clubs are struggling this year. We are always looking for alternative venues that we can afford – remembering that it is not only the ground hiring fee but the moving and secure storage of our equipment that we also have to consider.

So that’s the update on fees so I hope that you will be renewing with us – Members will be receiving an e-mail from the Treasuruer which breaks down costs and our decion in more detail.


Looking forward to seeing you all back on the line, just as soon as we get the all clear!