Interested in joining?

In order to join the club, prospective members will need to attend and complete a beginners course. This course is designed to provide an in depth introduction to the sport, teach you the method used in shooting and impart range/bow safety & etiquette. Details on our courses can be found below.

  • Already a member of Archery GB or Another Club?
  • Moving into Sussex from further afield?
  • Returning to the sport after a break?

Chances are you won’t need complete a beginners course! Please contact to let us know your situation, and we can discuss the next steps for joining!


  • We are currently sorting out Grounds and Equipment at our New Site in Pease Pottage, with an aim to resume beginners in May! 

Please stay tuned for 2022 courses, as dates become available.

Email your contact details, the club will be in contact to reserve your place, and we will contact you as soon as 2022 dates have been arranged

Beginner course details

The price for the full course is £95.00 and both sessions must be attended to complete the course.

The course will progress to teach entrants Point-Of-Aim and Olympic (Freestyle) styles of archery, and will also cover bow maintenance, scoring methods and competition types. As ability over the two day course improves, the targets will be moved further and further back, the target faces growing smaller. At the end of the course, entrants will be sufficiently competent to join any archery club.

When a course is announced, the club will ask you to reserve your place with a confirmation email with your details.

The venue in the Summer season (April to September) is Crawley Archery Club @ Cottesmore Golf Club, Pease Pottage, Crawley

Attendees finishing the course are issued with certificates and are subsequently eligible to join any Archery GB club.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult for all the sessions of the Course. The minimum age for our Beginners Course is currently 14 years old.

Our Coaches

Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, and this gives each coach a distinct approach to their coaching. Overall, the knowledge they impart to the archer will be the same, however, like any good comedian, it’s in the way they tell ‘em. It’s this diversity of approach that makes Crawley Archery Club one of the strongest in the county.

Neil Seymour

Head Coach / Coaching Coordinator
GNAS Level 1
Bowstyles: Compound / Recurve / Longbow

Neil is our head coach and has several years focused Compound shooting under his belt.

Tony Jerome

GNAS Level 1
Bowstyles: Compound / Recurve

Tony is one of our most senior archers with over 20 years experience in the sport. Though his primary focus is Recurve, if there is a bow out there, you can be sure he has shot it!

Steve Goodall

GNAS Level 1
Bowstyles: Compound

Steve has been with the club for a little over 4 years, and has developed a keen affinity for the "Dark Side",
Often competing both within the club and at competitions throughout the UK

Rob Cottrell

GNAS Level 1
Bowstyles: Recurve / Recurve Bare-bow / Traditional

Rob has been with the club for a little over 6 years, and was in no way influenced to join by Pop Culture. Primarily focused on Recurve, he has recently been learning the ins and outs of shooting "bare-bow"