2021 Outdoor Season Booking Form

While lockdown restrictions are gradually easing this year, we are still required to perform “Track and Trace”. All members wishing to shoot will need to complete a booking form for each session they would like to attend:

2021 Outdoor Season Booking Form 

Annual Costs

Category Fees – full year Fees – half year
Senior (over 24 yrs) £95 £52
Youth (Between 18-24 yrs) £63 £35
Junior (Under 18yrs) £32 £16
Disabled £63 £35
Associate £63 £35

Please Note – Due to lockdown restrictions and concerns over saftey as a result of Covid-19, fees for the 2020/2021 archery season have been amended. Click here for information regarding the altered fee structure

  • Membership runs from 1st October – 30th September
  • Half Year fees are applicable to New Members only, who join after 1st April
  • Associate members must hold a full membership with another club affiliated with Archery GB
  • A discounted fee is available for New Members joining the club, after completion of one of our beginners courses

Payments can be made direct to the club’s account, details of which are available on request. When paying by this method, please include your name as a reference on the bank payment and inform: of the intention to pay by this method.

For those who want to shoot more than once in the winter months, then we provide an indoor venue. Shooting indoors during the winter months is an extra fee. This is held Wednesday evenings at 8pm, lasts for two hours at the Copthorne Preparatory School, Copthorne. The season runs from October through to March.

Completed a Beginners course or Joining us from another club? – Membership forms can be found here.

Added benefits

  • Library: The club holds a library of archery books which can be loaned to members.
  • Tools: We also have a growing volume of ‘tools’ that all archers would like to have, but few can afford, including arrow straighteners, arrow cutters,  fletching jigs etc,  All of these are available for free loan, or for use with an instructor or coach.

Please contact the committee if you would like to loan equipment.

What the club expects

On a week to week basis whether its be at Outdoor, or Indoor, members are required to help set up/take down targets where they can.
Throughout the year, the club holds a number of events. These events bring in very important revenue to the club, revenue that, had we not obtained it through events, we would have otherwise require us to raise our fees quite substantially. Hence we do ask of members, that they reserve at least a few hours per year in helping us maintain, prepare, or help run, these events. The work is very diverse, from helping juniors to score their arrows, or helping to run a Tea tent.

Club colours

Although it is not mandatory, Crawley Archery Club has its own colours in the form of polo shirts / hoodies / jackets for members to wear, while on the shooting line or at competition.

We have changed our supplier to Kudos, and as a result our shirt has undergone some slight design changes. Details about the  new design/sizes can be found in the Club Colours Guide.

If you are interested, please contact: with type, quantity, size, M/F/J and name option for the Polo shirt if applicable.


Interested in becoming a coach?

Archery GB provide specific training for archers wishing to become coaches. This training is modular, so LEVEL 1 coaches are trained in how to impart the sport to novices, to ensure the safety of participants, and bring novices to a level suitable for joining an archery club. LEVEL 2 develops these skills to enable the coach to review and improve a club archer and tune equipment.

The Sussex coaching body, MARTLETTS GUILD, hold a LEVEL 1 coach courses usually running over three dates, with participants expected to put in another 12 hours of training at their clubs. The fee for the course is anticipated to be around £250.00, plus expense of travel.

Crawley Archery Club offers sponsorship to this course, in return for the then qualified coach participating in future beginners courses. The coach may subsequently participate in additional coaching events, and is able to seek remuneration for their participation in these. If you are interested in becoming a coach, and are considering the club’s sponsorship, then please contact the chair to discuss it in more detail:

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Cards

Crawley Archery Club members can download a specially designed members ICE card to fill it in and then keep in your quiver.
If you would like the card laminated please contact the Chairman:

  • Download the Crawley Archery Club ICE Card (to print out and fill in).
  • Download ICE Card as A4 sheet (to print out and fill in) here.
  • Download ICE Card for your score-book (to print out and fill in) here.

Members Club Records

Crawley Archery Club’s Records PDF can be found here.

Members Classifications Summary

Crawley Archery Club’s Members Classification PDF can be found here.

Members Manual

Crawley Archery Club’s Members Manual PDF can be found here.

Data Protection Policy

Crawley Archery Club’s Data Protection Policy, which adheres to GDPR, can be found here.