Shooting at Other Clubs

Throughout the year, other clubs in Sussex (and throughout the UK) host tournaments which are available for any GNAS affiliated archer to enter.

Shooting at another club is a great way to meet other archers both from Sussex and further afield.Any club member can apply to shoot, and Crawley Archers often like to attend these shoots together for fun (and carpool!)

Select Tournaments 2019 Indoor Season

Our tournament rep has selected the following Sussex shoots for Crawley to take part in this season. Please click on the links for further information about the shoots

If you would like to take part, please click the following link and complete the form to register your interest: Tournament Sign Up

New Member, or First Time Taking Part?

Tournaments are good fun, but can be a little daunting for new or first time archers. They are often run to the GNAS Rules of Shooting, which include whistle commands, line timing and Archer appropriate clothing.

If you are a new archer looking to join or take part in a competition shoot, we recommend you have a chat with the Tournament Rep or Committee Member on a club night, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have about Competition Shooting. We can also arrange practice sessions run to competition standard in order to get to used to the style.

If you are unable to attend a club night,  the Tournament Rep can be contacted at

The Archery GB rules of Shooting can be found on the Archery GB website; Here

If you would like to shoot in our Club Colours, please see the Member page for information on how to order a shirt!

Other Shoots

The list above represents a small selection of the many Tournaments available throughout the year, that the club will be attending “en mass”.

If you would like to shoot at other Tournaments, a full list of what is available  can be found on the Archery GB website

If you find a tournament you would like to take part in, please let the tournament rep know, as we would like to track your progress, cheer you on, and may be able to drum up support on club nights